Overview of the best Cryptocurrency Wallet for Mac

Crypto wallet app for mac

If you’re a fan of technology and the news surrounding it, you’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies. This new form of money has had periods of great success followed by moments of decidedly poorer. Even though, it continues to represent an interesting prospect for the future.

The best Mac apps for buying cryptocurrencies

If you’re excited about this world and want to get into it (or are already in it), then you probably need cryptocurrency apps to keep everything at your fingertips, including on smartphones and tablets. What do you say? Is this the case and would you like some advice on it? Good, because in this post we’re going to take a look together at the most useful and popular apps to consider in the crypto world, divided by what they do.

Before we begin, however, I want to make it clear that none of the following can or should be considered financial advice. It is not my intention to encourage you to invest (this sector is not my responsibility), and I take no responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of using the applications below. Is the coast clear? Well, let’s get on with it.

Cryptocurrency buying apps

Let’s start with the most logical starting point, namely cryptocurrency buying apps. Whichever platform you choose, always remember that you are entrusting your money to a third party, so make sure they are trustworthy.

Good research before a transaction can save you from one of the many scams that swirl around where the big bucks circulate. All of the following cryptocurrency apps are considered trustworthy at the time of writing: choose the one that seems best suited to you.


Binance is a giant in the cryptocurrency sector, boasting the most used exchanges in the world and it has a good competitive advantage. Every day, higher volumes of money move above the amount of its major competitors (this is to understand the pool of users it boasts) with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more of the best cryptocurrencies.

That’s not all though, the solidity of the name and the capital that circulates behind it has made Binance one of the best international exchanges in circulation. This is also thanks to the plethora of features that allows the user to really do anything.

Binance for Mac

First of all, the tools it provides for trading. With the ability to set price thresholds at which you can buy or sell your own coins, access to derivatives such as futures, leveraged transactions (highly discouraged if you don’t know what you are doing) or even peer-to-peer exchanges (that is directly between users). This makes Binance one of the best cryptocurrency trading apps.

The platform is free (like others we’ll see later), but it has small transaction costs on every single move. How much depends on your account level, which increases with the number of dollars Binance owns. For a basic account, we are talking about 0.1% per transaction.

In addition to this, it should be noted that at the time of writing, Binance offers the ability to exchange 395 different cryptocurrencies, and this number will continue to grow over time. All of this is combined with many more or less interesting features, including the ability to passively earn crypto.

Young Platform

A little gem is the Young Platform Academy, where you can find more than 100 articles teaching beginners the basics of finance and crypto financing. Added to this is Young Platform Step, an app that allows you to win YNG tokens by completing simple tasks such as walking or answering quiz questions. This currency can then be converted into fiat currency or stored for transaction discounts.

Young Platform crypto wallet app for mac

Speaking of costs, the percentage to be paid for conversion to Euros is 2.5%, and when converting from crypto to crypto we are talking about 1.35%. However, with a YNG token, you can reduce these costs by 50%, saving a lot of money if you often do multiple transactions.

To sign up, the procedure is very simple, just download the Android or iOS/iPadOS app or go to the website. Once there, click the “Register” button, enter the necessary credentials, provide your ID details and take a selfie to ensure you are who you say you are.


Crypto.com is a relatively young exchange platform when compared to the success it has achieved, but it absolutely deserves attention. Its fortune is due not only to a skilful and aggressive marketing campaign but also to a very simple and ideal interface for newcomers, reliable service and security at the highest level (but this last point is common to all those mentioned).

Crypto.com wallet app for mac

Its features are certainly more minimalistic than others, with a simple option to buy cryptocurrency, but without any trading tools. This is because there is a second platform with a dedicated application (e.g. Crypto.com Exchange), where you can find tools for professionals.

Free cryptocurrency earning app

Earning free cryptocurrencies by doing nothing is definitely something everyone dreams of. However, obviously, no one gives anything away even in the crypto world. Having said that, at Binance, Young Platform and Crypto.com, which I told you about earlier, there are passive forms of annuities that pay out in cryptocurrency. (You can find their detailed explanation in the respective guides that I have already linked to you.)

It’s nothing but a browser that uses the power of your device (be it Android/iOS/iPadOS or PC) to mine Bitcoins. It all looks pretty … except that the revenues are really negligible and the energy costs, like the wear and tear on the car, are quite high.

Added to that is the fact that it’s not very transparent software, as to what it does or what data you store in your navigation, so best to use it after thinking ten times and only if you realise the risks you’re taking (I don’t personally recommend it to be honest, but for the record, I wanted to let you know it exists). For more information, I leave you to my article on how to mine cryptocurrencies, where you can find other valid solutions.

In addition to the classic buy and sell, it is worth mentioning the possibility to rent out owned currencies with a variable interest (something like bank interest), in addition to a Crypto.com debit card. This allows you to get cashback on purchased items ranging from 1–8%, depending on how many CRO tokens you have. Learn more here. There are over 250 coins to be found here, with movement costs starting at 0.04% and reaching a maximum of 0.4% per transaction.

To register at Crypto.com you need to download the Android or iOS/iPadOS app or go to the website. If you choose this route, you still have to go through the app if you don’t want to use the Crypto.com exchange.

Either way, just enter the various necessary credentials, submit your ID and take selfies like everyone else.

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