Best Android cryptocurrency wallet apps in 2023

Best crypto wallet App for Android

Free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency apps allow us to enter the blockchain world from our smartphone or tablet, offering us different types of functions. We can use them to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, to invest – even with little capital, to check prices, and to learn about the Bitcoin world and its environment.

Not all of them are of good quality – not all of them offer good terms or truthful information – and unfortunately, some of them are also linked to known Bitcoin scams or other types of tokens. For this reason, we’ve created a full in-depth analysis that will list all the best cryptocurrency apps for Android. All apps have been tested by our staff and used for several months before deciding whether or not to include them in our guide.

The best Android apps for buying cryptocurrencies

We have selected the best apps, though they offer very limited choices. We have made these decisions based on reasoning and using certain criteria. We will communicate these criteria during our in-depth analysis to allow everyone to verify our choices and judge for themselves any new offerings that may appear on the market.

There will be talk about commissions, costs (because even if they are free, there will be something to pay for transactions) and the price lists of cryptocurrencies they provide. Not forgetting, also their reliability and security, which remain two fundamental factors for applications that move our money, fiat or cryptocurrency.

Rating of the 5 best free cryptocurrency apps

We have selected 5 of the best apps currently available on the market to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, participate in Bitcoin and other token markets, and inform about the sector.


The Crypto.com app, developed and published by the exchange of the same name, allows us access to over 250 cryptocurrencies with the ability to invest in all the best instruments in the sector. Opening an account is free, and in a few minutes, we can start not only buying and selling cryptocurrencies but also accessing all the additional services this exchange offers us.

Crypto wallet App

The functionality of the app – unlike what often happens with other apps, even if they are equally well-known exchanges – is complete and we can use it as a complete replacement for what we do via PC. This is a strong signal of interest to investors that only want to access the market from a phone or tablet.

It is one of the most comprehensive and also one of the fastest to include news coming out of this market. This means the opportunity to invest in new projects that have only recently become available and that we may struggle to find elsewhere. Crypto.com always guarantees excellent security.

  • ???? PAYMENT SURVEY: As for the Crypto.com app, we can pay directly by credit- or debit card or even with prepayment, taking into account the costs associated with this type of transaction. We can also decide to pay by bank transfer or through PayPal and choose to pay to our wallet for Stablecoins or other cryptocurrencies. So, we have full discretion as we also prefer cash payments to buy the cryptocurrencies we are interested in.
  • ???? Wallet: it is complete and allows us to deposit, withdraw and manage all the functions related to the cryptocurrencies we are interested in and have purchased. In fact, many people use the Crypto.com wallet as a shared wallet for the cryptocurrencies they move most often.


eToro is a broker that offers access to 78 cryptocurrencies through its own trading app. In addition, we will also have all the tools available that this broker offers in other markets. From chart analysis to order management, passing through CopyTrading, as well as Smart Portfolios—which we will talk about shortly.

eToro crypto wallet App for Android

Among the most important advantages that eToro offers in comparison with other trading applications proposed by stock exchanges, is the possibility of pointing down to use moments of negative market trend. All these are thanks to CFDs.

eToro offers access to a trading platform that is rich in tools, well organised and easy to use, even for those with no experience with this type of broker.

CRYPTOCURRENCIES AVAILABLE: eToro offers 78 cryptocurrencies through its app, a selection that includes the best of the sector, as well as a strong focus on the meta-universe and gaming world.

In the eToro app, we can also find cryptocurrency crosses or pairs, where on one side we find a token and on the other, we find another cryptocurrency instead of the US dollar. These pairs will not be immediately available in the price list. To access it, we will need to click on the filter in the upper right corner and select Crypto Crosses.


Although there are two different applications for FTX, we have decided in this section to look at the one distributed in the Pro version, which is also the most complete. We will return at the end of this section to the basics, which is the uninterrupted ideal Blockfolio. FTX – here to open a free account – perhaps needs no introduction, since it is one of the most popular exchanges in the world, both for the desktop version and the app version.

FTX - best crypto wallet App for Android

We are facing an operator with a general licence which allows us to invest in maximum security, guaranteed by European laws. Another point in favour of which it will be necessary to make a point.

250+ Pairs on the PRICE LIST: there are many pairs, and they generally cover all those of any financial importance. In addition, FTX has always been one of the most active companies introducing the ability to trade new and emerging cryptocurrencies. This is a great signal for all those looking for an app that offers not only the hallowed monsters of the market but also fresher projects.

Great user interface: despite the complexity of the features on offer, FTX still offers a great tool even for smartphones with limited screens. We will not have much trouble placing complex orders, nor will we have any trouble managing portfolios with different open positions.


Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and also offers an app that can be downloaded for free from the AppStore for Apple smartphone owners or from PlayStore for Android smartphone owners. The app has been designed to offer the same basic services that we can use through an exchange available over the internet. Direct purchase, market sale, free cryptocurrency earning capability, as well as an automatically visible wallet balance—also in Euros at market prices.

Coinbase on Android

For those who want to buy and sell cryptocurrency or just get closer to this world, the solution offered by Coinbase is one of the most efficient and also one of those that offers the greatest number of services, at least for the listed cryptocurrencies.

Let’s start straight away with a graphic overview of what Coinbase offers and then assess in detail what the app offers for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. For those who need additional services, the Coinbase Pro app can also be installed separately with a fast exchange service, which guarantees access to more cryptocurrencies.

As for buying directly through the app, without going through internal DEX, we have over 100 available tokens that can be purchased through our balance in Euros or dollars. The budget can be topped up by paying either with a regular card (credit, debit or prepaid) or by bank transfer.


The Binance app is linked to the eponymous and very popular exchange – you can open a free account through the app – even though, compared to the version we find online, it offers fewer services and does not have access to DEX, which made the Binance service famous. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most reliable, most important and ultimately one of the best apps we can use to get closer to the world of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Binance: best crypto wallet App for Android

The features of the app are trimmed down, at least compared to the first two we have already reviewed, but they are still more than enough for those who want to work with the cryptocurrencies that are on this exchange list. Let’s look at them all together to see what services Binance offer its users.

CRYPT VALUE: one of the advantages of the Binance app is that we have an effective market price with a minimum spread. This price is locked in every 60 seconds during which we will have to fulfil our order or update the price.

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